A brief doubt

Boromir has second thoughts about the quest, but finds his resolve again.

A different road

AU – Ten years after the destruction of the One Ring, the Steward of Gondor looks back and remembers the War.

A few words

Hobbit movieverse – Thranduil and Dain talk.

And Bilbo makes 10!

Written for HASA’s 10th birthday: Bilbo joins the Fellowship (short AU; 500 words as counted in Word – kinda dark)

Back to Middle-earth Month 2012

A collection of the various drabbles and short stories I wrote for B2MEM 2012.


A young sentry challenges a stranger coming up the road… The start of a long friendship.

Bitter harvest

Harvest time in Bree, Third Age 2049 – a hard time for Rangers.


AU – Halbarad and Arwen make plans to join the Fellowship.

Dark is the path

AU – While waiting for Arwen and those accompanying her to arrive in Edoras, Halbarad is not feeling quite his usual self.

Desire, unfulfilled

For years upon years, Daeron played for Lúthien as she danced in the woods of Doriath.


Part I of the rather random collection of drabbles I’ve written over time.

Drabbles II

Part II of the collection of drabbles I’ve written over time, and will no doubt add to as the inspiration takes me.

Latest added: Dragonfire

‘Et Eärello Andorenna utúlien…’

Númenor: thoughts upon arrival and departure.

Edge of the world

After the Downfall it was believed by the remnants of the Dúnedain that the top of Meneltarma rose once more above the sea level. If so, sailors of later Ages may have found it on occasion.

Elenion ancalima

Nerdanel wonders whether perhaps it would have been better if Fëanáro had not
listened to his father.


About a week after their wedding, Aragorn and Arwen spend an evening by themselves. Arwen has plans, but the evening does not turn out quite the way she had in mind.

Family matters

AU – modern setting

A set of old journals hides a dark secret.


Vignette. Three rivers that play a role in Eldacar’s life. Some violence.


A question, a conversation, a battle.

The Pelennor, March 3019.

Good morning!

So, what about those Rhosgobel Rabbits? Bilbo’s about to find out…


An Elf of Lindon considers Anor.

He who laughs last

The Battle of Azanulbizar from a rather unpleasant PoV.


AU snippet, inspired by (and twisted from) the question of what would have happened if certain characters had been female instead of male, also taking into account that male spiders are often smaller than the female of the species.


Snapshots of a summer spent in Dol Amroth. Gimli is ambivalent about it all.


Arwen returns home from Lothlórien. Elrohir’s response to her on her betrothal is less than warm.


An unpleasant little vignette showing that what goes on in a standard bearer’s mind may not always be all that lofty…

In darkness, light

After the departure of the Fellowship, Galadriel is restless. She looks in the Mirror and finds an unexpected hope.


AU – Sméagol and Déagol don’t go boating. As a result, there is more than just bones for Saruman to find in Anduin…

Mary Sue and Sue Mary

This is the first bit of fanfic I ever wrote. Whether it’s any good… All I’ll say to that is that when I happen to read it, it’s not nearly as bad as I remember it in between. Of course, it’s also not anywhere near as good, or as funny, as I thought when I was writing it, so…

Mushroom tales

Written as a result of a conversation on LJ, the first chapter of this story finds Aragorn in the dark, in more ways than one…

Nor to the Northlands

Halbarad faces the day he knows will be his last.

Not all gold

Bilbo finds his inspiration to write a poem for (and about) his friend the Dúnadan.

Old Man Willow

AU – What if Old Man Willow’s motives in trying to trap four hobbits were more sinister? What if…


Sometime early in the second millennium of the Second Age: a moonlit night in Eregion, and two craftsmen anxiously wait the unveiling of their latest work.

Pet rock

The result of a late night/early morning email exchange: the true story of a man and his pet rock, and how they changed the world of winter sports.


Thengel, captain of Gondor, deals with a small family crisis, considers the past and receives some news.


Of the seven palantíri, it is said that the one kept in the tower of Elostirion is the chief, and that Elendil looked in it often to alleviate the yearning of exile. This vignette examines one such viewing in the year 3423 of the Second Age.


What did the War of Wrath look like for those caught up in its effects?

That guy who carries the banner

Short essay on the textual development of Halbarad’s character in the writing of Lord of the Rings.

The boys who lived

Survival isn’t necessarily easy, two young men find.

The darkest night

A dejected and soaking-wet Aragorn spends Yule with a Ranger patrol, and gains hope from a fireside tale. Originally written for the 2010 LOTR Community Yule Challenge.

The good will of all good men

Faramir’s thoughts in the time between letting Frodo and Sam go in Ithilien and riding out from Minas Tirith to defend Osgiliath against the Enemy’s onslaught.

The Middle-earth Guide to Inns and Alehouses?

On his way to Rivendell, Bilbo considers the wisdom of leaving the Shire, as well as the merits of various establishments. Written for the January 2010 ‘Treasure Hunt’ Challenge at HASA. Elements used: the Forsaken Inn, the Star of the Dúnedain.

The time for secrecy

At the Hornburg, Aragorn takes counsel from Halbarad.


Tuor and Idril. A beach.

Through the Dimrill gate

Aragorn remembers a journey in the dark…

To follow a wizard.

The village elders of Dunland receive an invitation to Isengard, where Saruman makes them an offer.

Tower of the moon

Scenes from the birth and death of a city.

Troll country

Where were the Rangers when Thorin & co. encountered those trolls?

Watching from afar

It is said in The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen that Arwen watched over Aragorn in thought. At times, this must have been a harrowing experience.

Well met again

A sentry challenges a stranger and finds an old friend has returned.

White against black

Asfaloth’s take on the Nazgûl and their horses as he races them to Rivendell.

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